30 Days of Thanksgiving and Gratitude – Wk 1

I’m using Instagram to document the many reasons I have to be thankful this month and then sharing my images in a weekly post. Here is the first week of my Instagram Journey of gratitude and thanksgiving. Follow me by clicking this link @lptexas or typing in this user name @lptexas in the “search users and hashtags” Explore section of the app.

When we make a conscious effort to practice gratitude it helps us keep things in perspective. By reflecting on the goodness in our lives we are able to recognizing the positive and weather the curve balls life throws at us. Being conscious of the abundance in our lives helps us feel grateful and act from that feeling.

Thankful for weekly summary

The images:

  1. The roof over my head. In essence my home… it is small but that’s another thing to be thankful for because it means that it’s easier to keep up not to mention our mortgage is actually affordable for our income. This three bedroom two bath open floor plan keeps us warm or cool. We also love its location in downtown San Antonio and the neighbors that watch out for us. It may not be much but it’s exactly what we need.
  2. The food on (in) my table /fridge/pantry. I’ve seen the face of hunger and I pray everyday and thank God for our food. Whether I’m cooking or my mother is inviting us over to eat meals have always played an important part in our family cohesiveness. Today we may not have lobster but we do have organic fruit and veggies, hormone free milk, and all the basic ingredients to feed our growing girls. Despite any economic hardships food finds its way to our table every day.
  3. My family. I have a close-knit immediate family that includes my husband and two daughters as well as his parents and mine and our siblings. We are lucky to have them all close and involved in our girls’ lives.
  4. My girls’ smiles. Even when I have had the hardest of days coming home to see my little princesses flash me true carefree love-filled smiles makes everything better. Nothing beats the smile of your children to heal your heart.
  5. A neat-freak husband. Sometimes it drives me nuts but the reality is that his OCD behavior is a blessing because it keeps our home in order and clean. I LOVE the fact that he almost always knows where everything is and keeps the rest of us in order.  One less thing for me to worry about.
  6. Our health. Despite the occasional virus or bug we are all blessed with good health. No amount of money can buy health so we are thankful every day that our girls are running and yelling and playing because we know there are kids who can’t and parents who can’t enjoy them.
  7. My job. Sometimes I find my creativity being stifled and I feel trapped in my routine job but this is what I need right now. My job not only helps us pay the bills but it also allows me to work 8 to 5 for the most part and not travel unlike my previous creative jobs that required much longer hours and plenty of travel. For me, being away from my girls that much right now is not worth the opportunity to be creative. There will come a time but not now.

Please join me. If you are doing a gratitude project I’d love to know about it. Share your thoughts and/or links to anything related. I want to know about your journey of thanksgiving & reflection and hope you enjoy seeing mine. Let’s give thanks together and start a habit that we can continue the rest of the year. Come back and visit every Wednesday.

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