30 Days of Thanksgiving and Gratitude

thanksgiving and gratitudeAlthough in November we set aside a day to give thanks as a nation on Thanksgiving day, as individuals we should seek to be thankful… grateful in our everyday lives. Not one day but every day. When we make a conscious effort to practice gratitude it helps us keep things in perspective. By reflecting on the goodness in our lives we are able to recognizing the positive and weather the curve balls life throws at us. Being conscious of the abundance in our lives helps us feel grateful and act from that feeling.

Personally I have found myself in deep dark places that suck my energy and joy. I have forgotten to look past the obstacles and instead focus on my blessings and it has robbed me of the life I know is intended for me. I realize that I am not alone. Like me many of us find ourselves focusing on the pain and hardships instead of on the love and joy that surrounds us. This is why I am starting a gratitude journal. I speak often to my daughters about being thankful but need to lead by example.

Although I love to write I have two little girls that think notebooks are for coloring or tearing so instead of writing in my journal I am using Instagram and this blog as my journal. I do realize that you probably don’t want to see 30 blog posts about this so I will summarize in a weekly post with my Instagram photos for that week (seven days) every Wednesday in November and a final two day post.

Please join me. If you are doing a gratitude project I’d love to know about it. Share your thoughts and/or links to anything related. I want to know about your journey of thanksgiving and reflection and hope you enjoy seeing mine. Let’s give thanks together and start a habit that we can continue the rest of the year. The first post will be this Wednesday. Please comeback and visit.

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