30 Days of Thanksgiving & Gratitude- week 2

I’m using Instagram to document the many reasons I have to be thankful this month and then sharing my images in a weekly post. Here is the second week of my Instagram Journey of gratitude and thanksgiving. Follow me by clicking this link @lptexas or typing in this user name @lptexas in the “search users and hashtags” Explore section of the app.

When we make a conscious effort to practice gratitude it helps us keep things in perspective. By reflecting on the goodness in our lives we are able to recognizing the positive and weather the curve balls life throws at us. Being conscious of the abundance in our lives helps us feel grateful and act from that feeling.

30 days of thanksgiving and gratitude

The images:

  1. Travel – Day 8.Travel. I’m thankful for the beauty seen & the lessons learned through travel. The new shores different horizons are like balm for my soul and though sometimes it’s budget or group travel I cherish every minute.
  2. My marriage- Day 9. My Marriage I’m thankful for a wonderful husband who knows me for who I am and loves me anyway. He makes me crazy in all sorts of ways and has given me two amazing little girls.
  3. My second language- Day 10: My second language (Spanish). Not only has it opened doors but it connects me to my heritage. Best gift my parents gave me.
  4. Faith- Day 11: My Faith. These crosses hang on the wall right as you enter my home. It is the first thing I see when returning and on my way out. It’s a quite nook where I can retreat to spend time with God. One symbol of our faith. All gifts from friends and family.
  5. My education – My education. One thing no one can ever take away from you. This liberal arts BA has served me well.
  6. Our tiny business – Day 13: Our tiny business. Like the little engine that could our baby equipment rental business keeps chugging along. Maybe it’s because we love helping parents travel with kids.
  7. My iPhone- Day 14: My iPhone because it’s paid for by my employer & it allows me to stay productive.

Please join me. If you are doing a gratitude project I’d love to know about it. Share your thoughts and/or links to anything related. I want to know about your journey of thanksgiving & reflection and hope you enjoy seeing mine. Let’s give thanks together and start a habit that we can continue the rest of the year. Come back and visit every Wednesday.

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