30 Days of Thanksgiving & Gratitude – wk 3

I’m using Instagram to document the many reasons I have to be thankful this month and then sharing my images in a weekly post. Here is the second week of my Instagram Journey of gratitude and thanksgiving. Follow me by clicking this link @lptexas or typing in this user name @lptexas in the “search users and hashtags” Explore section of the app.

When we make a conscious effort to practice gratitude it helps us keep things in perspective. By reflecting on the goodness in our lives we are able to recognizing the positive and weather the curve balls life throws at us. Being conscious of the abundance in our lives helps us feel grateful and act from that feeling.

30 days of Thanksgiving and gratitude through instagram

The images:

  • Day 15: That my girls have their grandparents. The love a grandparent shares is incomparable and I am so happy that my girls can experience their love and patience. (My father in law is missing from the picture but in their lives)
  • Day 16: Laughter. The laughter in our lives is precious. Nothing better than the laughter of your children.
  • Day 17: My 17 year old car. My Accord has more than 200,000 miles & still going strong with minimal maintenance.
  • Day 18: Tears. Lord knows I’ve had my share but our tears help cleans our souls of pain so I welcome them when needed or help ease my family’s tears. Image taken by Jordan of Sunday Sky Photography.
  • Day 19: my country. Despite its complicated history in the world stage, I am proud to be an American.
  • Day 20: books- I’ve been a lover of books since i started reading because they transport me to another time / world /reality. They inspire, teach, and entertain me and I’m thankful for that.
  • Day 21: my heritage- my parents are both from Mexico therefore although I was born in the USA mis raíces son Mexicanas and I’m proud that it makes me who I am.

Please join me. If you are doing a gratitude project I’d love to know about it. Share your thoughts and/or links to anything related. I want to know about your journey of thanksgiving & reflection and hope you enjoy seeing mine. Let’s give thanks together and start a habit that we can continue the rest of the year. Come back on Wednesday for the next post.

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