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So it’s Tuesday and I have travel on the brain again. This time I actually have a trip right around the corner so I have a list of stuff to get done ASAP in anticipation of the trip. I also have a list of things that need to happen while on the trip and capturing awesome images to make a photo book is at the top of my list. I mean let’s face it… there are only so many frames you can display in your house without it becoming too crazy and photo books are a great alternative. I try to make one for every big trip and other random special occasions and birthdays. My family loves looking through them and they are soooo much easier than putting together a photo album or scrap-book.

Since I make these often I am always eager to try new sites and have fallen in love with BLURB. I read about it on one of the blogs I follow and then decided to take it for a spin and create a book for my baby’s first year in our lives. Of all the sites I have used before (at least five others) Blurb is my favorite. The layouts are great but more than that it offers so many ways to create the photo books. You can create from Facebook and Instagram. You can convert it to an ebook and see it on your iPad or iBooks. You can use Adobe or InDesign… the list goes on and on so it’s no wonder that this is a favorite of professional photographers. It also offers a ton of printing options… small, large, square, soft or hard cover, special paper, you name it… they have it.

Since I am only an aspiring photog I tried the simplest and most realistic way of making a book… from Facebook! This is where most of my baby’s first year photos had been shared and were easily accessible and it’s probably where many of you have your pictures so why not make those Facebook Memories Last Forever. It was a piece of cake. I could have finished in 15 minutes or taken two days to tweak and customize and since I had a screaming baby and an eager preschooler at my side I choose the quick version and created this book: If you can’t use Flash try this link for the eBook preview.


blurb first photo book
My Blurb photo book

I have now turned it into an ebook and am sharing with family who would like to download it and even better the site gave me the option of sharing the book on my blog (AWESOME for those of you that have family blogs so you can share pictures of your kids with family) . Hands down the process is the best. I did take a few pictures of the book with my phone but they don’t do it justice. It is awesome in more ways than I can describe and I can’t wait to make another one. From this point forth Blurb has all my photo book business. Project 52 Book, upcoming Rivera Maya vacation, Holidays… yep my list is growing and growing. So much potential here if you take a little time to explore.

Now for the sharing of a photo book:

Blurb is gifting one of my readers a $25 store credit so you can try out the service and make your own photo book. Just leave me a comment below stating what kind of book you’d like to make and I will choose a winner next Tuesday. If you don’t win and want to try them out just click on the link on my sidebar to get started and get 15% off. Good luck to all of you.

Here’s to making beautiful memories.


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