Dia de los Muertos Night Run

We survived! On Saturday, October 27, 2012 my friend Loretta and I ran in our first 5K- the Dia de los Muertos Night Run at Brackenbridge Park. This is my bib… think I’m going to frame it to help me remember where I started.

I had been anticipating this run with excitement. I bought a little light in case it got darker while we were running (that Night Run part is tricky) and picked up my bib but a few days before the run I got sick. Actually my girls got a stomach bug which left me and the husband with little sleep and then two days before the run we got sick too. I’ll spare you the details but it left us drained and weak.

So why did I go run 3.1 miles if I felt ill? Well because this was my first one! My friend had paid for me and I had set this goal. I had talked to my four year-old daughter about it and I knew I would regret not going if I skipped it. Here we are right before the race. Loretta finished in 33 minutes.

My time was slower than usual by about 5 minutes but the cold air, lack of energy, and stomach cramps didn’t make it easy for me. Regardless, I finished at 45:12 according to my chip time. That’s me in the background about to cross. I can only get better from here, right?

Here I am again trying to catch my breath and find a bathroom. J Oh wait they need my chip back. Yikes!!!

So next year when I do this race again I hope my time will be closer to 30 minutes. Running Moms how can I improve? I don’t want to do more distance just get faster. Please share your tips, strategies and playlists. My time is limited but I am determined to stick to this. Wish me luck.



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