Disney Countdown Calendar

Disney Countdown CalendarCounting down to a Disney World trip is part of the fun so we made this Disney countdown calendar that would help our girls understand how many more days we still had left until our trip.  We liked it so much that we may be making a countdown calendar for all our trips.

The best part is that making the calendar was super easy.  I had been working on a few custom shirts and had most of the items I needed on hand but next time we do this I’ll buy a poster board or put them on a cheap chalkboard to make it even prettier. Below you’ll find the list of materials needed and the quick instructions so you can make your own Disney countdown calendar in just about 30 minutes.

You’ll need:

  • Cricut machine & Cricut Design Space online
  • Mickey Mouse head/ears .png or .jpg
  • a few fun Disney fonts (I used Mouse Memoirs and Waltograph)
  • a background (I used a file folder)
  • Paint samples (we were painting our girls’ room with Disney Glidden paint and had a few samples on hand but any sample with a larger area will work)
  • One Disney Glow-in-the-Dark sample book from Walmart
  • Solid color card stock sheets for lettering
  • Number stickers
  • Glue stick

Use your Cricut and load the Mickey image sized to about 1 1/2 inches wide or adjust as needed for your paint samples and background.  Load your paint cards and cut your Mickey images.  Load the fonts you will use and cut your words from the card stock on the Cricut. Take the cutout Mickeys and words, grab your background, and evenly space them out.

Disney countdown calendarOnce you have arranged them as you’d like put the glue stick to work and glue each down. After all the words and Mickeys are glued add your number stickers to help everyone countdown to the trip day. We saved the glow-in-the-dark Mickey ears from the sample booklet and used that as our final day indicator.  That’s all there is to it.  A super fun inexpensive project that takes just a bit of time.

Our girls loved checking off the area right by each Mickey and finally understood just how much time we still had left before the big day.  We have a Disney Cruise coming up during the holidays so we will be creating another countdown calendar to get our kids excitement under control and the “how much longer until our trip?” questions to a minimum.

Hope this quick tutorial inspires you to create your own fabulous version.  Follow me on Pinterest, I’m @Mrs_Lilli to see some of the inspiration I collected for this project and some other upcoming Disney fun.  You can also see our adventures on Instagram @lptexas please drop by and say hello.

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