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Pictures are magic. Pictures of our kids are magical. Even if they aren’t the best in terms of composition or execution those pictures that capture our lives and freeze those very fleeting moments of childhood… those are the ones that will be cherished.

I discovered this photo challenge of “enjoying life” and just had to participate. This is one of my favorite pictures of my youngest daughter. We were at the water park. Sun was setting… big sister was in the water with their dad… the warm summer breeze was picking up and little one was sitting with her grandparents (my parents) who wanted to keep her warm and sheltered. The towel wrapped around her like a cape and big sister’s hat to shield her from the sun quickly turned into a game of peek-a-boo.

I just had to snap a picture. A little smile showing through despite the binky… at that moment we were enjoying life and the blessing of our family. Summer at its best with a little face to remind me just how lucky I really am.

Hope you are all enjoying life!

Photo Challenge Submission

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