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Family Travel Made EasierLast night we had the pleasure of learning more about a new show on PBS that will air nationally in Spring of 2013. It’s called Family Travel with Colleen Kelly and their first episode will be about San Antonio! We are thrilled and were happy to meet Colleen and her crew at this event. We got to see the pilot which was about Chicago and let me tell you it made me want to pack my bags and head out there with my family. I’ve been there a few times before I got married but seeing the show made me want to experience the city with my girls. I sincerely hope that the San Antonio show highlights what a family friendly city we are and gives viewers a general idea of just how much unique stuff there is to do in town.

Honestly, I’m amazed no one had done this kind of show yet because while there are lots of travel shows none focus on the way the majority travel: with family. The show will give you a local’s insight to the featured towns providing you with the best kept secrets for each location and help families plan so that kids AND the adults have a good time in any of these destinations. The 30 minute segments will include travel tips as well so if you are a parent or grandparent or plan to be either in the near future don’t miss this show. I’ll keep you guys posted and will blog more about the show as more information becomes available. Colleen is such a nice, genuine person that I sincerely hope the show does very well. You can follow Colleen on twitter @FamilyTravelCK and follow the show’s hash tag: #FamilyTravelCK. You can also follow her blog and get more great tips on their website.

Not accounting for special events like Fiesta and the holidays when there are additional activities there are some everyday favorites we’d like to share. Besides the Tower of the Americas and the Riverwalk which are a given along with the many restaurants and entertainment spots some of our favorites places to go as a family are:

There are so many fabulous things about our city that it will be hard to cram them all into a 30 min show BUT I’m sure Colleen and her staff will do a great job of highlighting some of the best spots. We can’t wait to see it!  Please share your favorite places in San Antonio or in your city.  Look forward to your comments.

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