Getting the hang of it…

Could I actually be getting the hang of this? Every once in a while when I manage to make it through a day where my daughter didn’t cry because I left for work; when she’s taking both naps, eating, and generally in a good mood; when I get a few chores done and a little work and she hasn’t had a melt down I start to think that maybe I know what I’m doing. Then as if expecting to be struck by lighting because I dared to think it I quickly rummage through my day to find the part that wasn’t good. I try to find the area where I “messed-up”. How odd. I really should just focus on all the progress and savor these days since they don’t usually occur consecutively.

But I must be doing something right. Recently I find myself as the advice giver. My other mom and dad friends have started asking me about doctors, shots, daycare, trips, toys, etc. Really? You want my opinion? I was baffled until I came across an interesting article in Parenting Magazine. This article talked about the 6 friends every mom needs. At the top of that list was the “mom in the same boat” friend. So finally the light came on! It’s about having been there and done that and my friends with children a few months to a year younger than my little one figure I can speak from very recent experience.

So on that note… we are due for our 18 month follow up. Once again we will be faced with 3 or 4 vaccines and now a very active toddler that hates holding still. I realize that although we hate seeing her upset we do seem to have the hang of the ordeal and was happy to offer a friend, who talked about crying when her baby got her first shots, a little advice. Or course if you have other tips or tricks you’d care to share we’d love to hear what’s worked for you.

When you take a little one to the doctor for shots consider:

•Having the shots at the end of the visit. (ask if not standard practice)

•Dressing them prior to the shots and doing so in clothes that won’t hurt or irritate the shot area. If they’re older than one but younger than three consider clothes that covers the area or they will pick at the band aids.

•Giving them a pain reliever right before appointment.

•Being ready with distractions… sing songs, play with toys, make silly faces… anything to get them to focus on you and not the needle.

•Asking that the more painful of the shots be given at the end. The order of vaccine injections should be the DPTaP-Hib vaccine followed by the PCV.

•”Cycling” with their little legs and rub the injection site if the nurse didn’t.

•Having a bottle ready. Sucking helps pain so if you weren’t already holding your child pick them up (being held also helps the pain perception) and give them a bottle or breastfeed them.

For us these tricks have made the process very smooth. We split her shots into two visits each time so we have had quite a few times to try these out. Our daughter usually doesn’t even cry until the 2nd or 3rd shot and then the crying only lasts as long as it takes for me to pick her up and put a bottle in her mouth. Yes, I know that according to the Mom BIBLE I should have weaned her off the bottle by now but hey, that’s a whole different blog!

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