Hispanic Heritage Month – Photo A Day Challenge

Hispanic Heritage 2014 Instagram photo a dayHispanic Heritage Month

Monday, September 15 our country (the USA) will start it’s 30 day celebration of Hispanic Heritage.  It actually straddles two months (Sept. 15-Oct. 15) but we call it Hispanic Heritage Month and our government, media, and brands make their best effort to find ways to recognize the contributions of Latinos/Hispanics in this country, in our country.

Photo A Day Challenge

Being a Latina I feel like instead of just listening to others tell our stories I should be a contributor to my own.  That said, I’m inviting everyone to join us in this Instagram Photo A Day challenge and to use it to tell your own story.  Grab the image from above and share it on your social media streams to invite others to join us also.  Use the list as a prompt to help you take an image that interprets the word for each day.  Share your images each day with the number and word theme as well as with the hashtag #PhotoADayHHM14 .  Join us for an inside look to the celebration of our culture through our cameras.

This fun idea came about thanks to my friend Jessica. She’s @TejanaMadeDesigns on Instagram and I’m @LPTexas and we are inviting all our fellow blogueras and blogueros at @TXLatinoBlog as well as everyone else to join.  Feel free to tag us when you post on Instagram.  If you are sharing on Twitter she is @TejanaMade and I’m @Lilli_Gonzalez or @MyTotsTravel.

Hispanic Heritage Hashtag

If you want to follow the hashtag you can click on it on our Instagram posts or see it through Iconosquare (formerly Statigram) at #PHOTOADAYHHM14 

Everyone is welcome and we hope you have an interesting experience reflecting, interpreting, and narrating your story; because in the words of Linda Ong, “If you don’t harness your own narrative and tell your own story someone else will tell it for you.”

I’ll also be joining fellow bloggers on a Hispanic Heritage Blog Hop so come back on the 24th to see my post. Happy Hispanic Heritage Month!

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