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Are you addicted to the apps on your iPhone? Instagram, Camera+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Evernote, My Vacation and that’s not counting all the games my girl loves to play… I can’t imagine travel of any kind where I’m not using these. That said, since I don’t have an unlimited cash flow I had to rethink how to best enjoy my phone and its features when traveling outside of the US. Although this is specific to smart phones with US plans the concept applies to all phones being used outside of the covered area.

iPhone tip #1: Get an international Sim Card.

If you need to make calls then you should look into an international SIM card and/or specific plans with your carrier.  If you don’t and you take your phone with you it will be costly.   Even if you don’t answer the phone… if you have it on and calls are going to your voicemail and data is being downloaded automatically through the phone and not Wi-Fi you will incur lots of very expensive charges.  Really consider all your options and discuss your needs with your provider to minimize these fees.

iPhone Tip #2: Airplane mode is your new BFF

If like most of us you really just want to use all the other cool features of your

iPhone tip -settings for international travel

phone you can do this and not have to pay with your limbs simply by putting your phone on  airplane mode. On your iPhone you can do this by going to your settings and clicking the option on. Also, if you are at a hotspot or somewhere with a Wi-Fi connection make sure that you enable Wi-Fi so that you can use all the awesome features of your phone, check email, post pictures, and catch up on Pins or just access info that may be in a cloud.  However, don’t leave the Wi-Fi on unless you know you are in a zone or need to find a zone because if you do this will ZAP your battery life and kill your joy faster than you can blink.

You can do all this and not incur any additional fees. So, we’ll be in perpetual ‘airplane mode’ while we capture our vacation moments with the phone and stay partially connected. Mostly we’ll want to stay connected to the internet because we have a website business and we want to make sure we don’t miss any potential customer calls so we’ll update our voicemail asking that any inquiries requiring an immediate response be sent by email which will be checked twice a day.

Make sure that you change your settings again once you are back in your covered area so that you can access info without being connected to Wi-Fi.   By the way don’t forget to pack your charger.

To happy travels and great pictures, video, notes, planning etc. made possible by your smart phone with no additional fees to lament.

If you have other tips for traveling with your phone and not incurring ridiculous charges please share them here.  Thanks.

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