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About a month ago I stumbled upon a beautifully designed blog that upon closer inspection seemed interesting.  I wasn’t sure what was so cool about it exactly but I skimmed and found myself discovering the story of a mom who’s not quite herself yet and a family who loves her VERY much.  When I first read it the blog was being updated by her husband because she was in the hospital so it tugged at my heart.  Some of you may know it: The NieNie Dialogues.  In brief it is a blog written by Stephanie Aurora Clark Nielson.  A mother of four adorable children who returns from an almost fatal plane crash. She is happy to be blogging again from Utah and recovering too. It is a simple diary of her life in her recovery stage.  Some entries are short and funny others are a little longer and painful to imagine but in all honesty it is brimming with optimism.  

I bring this blog to your attention because on a day (or month) when many of us are thinking about the love and friendships in our lives we should be aware of the many many blessings we are given everyday.  

Stephanie (NieNie) recently wrote an entry Can you…? that brought me to tears.  It did so not because her words were especially sad but because I take for granted the many things in life I can do… especially those that involve my child… that she currently can’t.  For instance last night my daughter (GG) scratched my face while playing and although I wanted to yell and tell her to stop it I actually hugged her tighter and rough-housed with her… placing raspberries and tickles everywhere I could and she laughed until she cried happy to play with mami.  I sit on the floor with her when she pats the area next to her and says, “ven mami, ven” to build towers or “read” books.  We chase each other around the house laughing nervously at the thought of being caught by the other and joyously climb into bed to “hang out” and whisper before we fall asleep.

NieNie wishes for the days before the accident… she wishes she could be the mom she used to be… the one who could jump on the trampoline or play army men with her boys.  The beauty in her entry-  that she reminds herself that those days will come once again.  She is sure of it.

If you haven’t read her blog yet I highly recommend that you visit it.  She loves life and family regardless of her physical pain.  When I read her blog it fills my day with hope.

May your life be filled with this much love.  Happy Valentine’s Day.

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