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I was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas but I’ve traveled both nationally and internationally quite a bit.  Although there are many cities that we enjoy visiting none have captured our heart like San Antonio.  Currently our city is experiencing a resurgence that I’m happy to be able to witness.  More recognition for the art, culture, food, and people us San Antonians had fallen in love with long ago.

Ore and TimberOne of the drivers of this revival are the many locally owned businesses. People with a passion for entrepreneurship like Magaly Chocano, who along with her husband Tirso Sigg have now opened Ore and Timber.

Ore and Timber, a new boutique located in the King William District at 721 S. St. Mary’s is an eclectic mix of finds from around the globe.  Embroidered purses, Fifteenth century French village key keychains, kitchen utensils, decorative pillows, letterpress cards, toys, scarves, and many other beautiful finds inspired by their travels can be found at the boutique. Regular store hours are Tuesday to Saturday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

I had the pleasure of talking to Magaly about this new venture and here she shares a little of what the store offers as well as tips for helping your children gain a more global perspective.

Ore and Timber – Interview with Magaly Chocano

Q: Tell me about Ore and Timber.  I love your homemade, repurposed, modern theme. What inspired it?

A: We love our neighborhood and always thought that a boutique would fit right in. It was an impulse decision – no plan – but the opportunity presented itself and between Tirso’s furniture design and my love of shopping while traveling we curated all our items.

body lotionQ: You and Tirso are the curators of the beautiful collection of items found at Ore and Timber but in addition Tirso is an artist that creates some of those things. Tell us about the process and inspiration for these creations.

A: For all the jewelry, houseware, paper products, cards and other things we literally went around my house and hand selected things I had purchased and became a wholesaler of those stores. Tirso who studied Product Design at SCAD, is an avid furniture maker.  He built everything from the shelving systems to the hanging lamps.  His furniture is all for sale here at Ore and Timber

Tim the girlQ: Ore and Timber feels inspired by travels and adventures far away from San Antonio but at the same time it feels rooted in our city. Like the skeleton key keychains from France do most items have a travel story?

A: Most of them do! The coffee mugs are from a design store in Amsterdam we fell in love with last summer. The key’s in keychains are from a 15th century village in France we lived in for two years. The jewelry is from a jeweler in Portland I had purchased a piece from online.

Q: Can you share a little bit of your personal story?  Where are you both originally from?  How did you meet? What kind of adventures are you embarking on as a family?

A: Tirso is from Mexico DF and I am from Madrid – we met in San Antonio in 1999 and married 5 weeks after we met. We lived in Savannah, South of France, and San Antonio and love to travel. We have two beautiful girls who we have tried to raise triculturally and bilinguallyno boundaries. My oldest is now in Madrid for 6 months finishing off her 8th grade year in a Spanish School. My little one is an entrepreneur – baker (pastrymania.com) – and has been saving all of her earnings to open up her own shop.

Ore and timber bagQ: As an international traveler can you share five travel tips for anyone wanting to show their children more of the world?

A: Traveling with our girls has always been important. Since they could get on a plane at 2 months old they have been in the air – things I always try to do:

* Always read to them about the city we are going to. Fun facts and things they will be excited to discover.
* Go to a museums and historical sites when visiting new cities.
* Set a limited $20 spending stipend (it makes them choose wisely)
* Use all the methods of transportation the city has to offer – metro, train, taxi, bus, etc.

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