Project 52:21 – exciting

our journey is:


days filled with simple fun
and prayers for knowledge and patience
help our girls make lasting childhood memories

he said / she said

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Parenting is a hard job. No matter how much you enjoy it life with young kids is messy and exhausting both in physical and emotional ways and the journey is always brighter in our memories instead of in the present. Like life in general it helps to have a positive attitude when facing this experience but I think it’s ok for any parent to feel overwhelmed and stretched to the limit occasionally. As we look back on these first precious years full of love and trails I hope there are lots of smiles to accompany the tears and lots of reassurance from others (spouse, family, friends) to remind us that we are not doing such a bad job after all.

Mostly I hope that our girls look back on these days and remember all the fun. I want them to remember the toys in the living room and the backyard inflatable pool and the moments with grandparents and first big adventures. I hope they remember the bike rides with dad or as a family; the museum trips and breaks for ice cream. If they recall their first theater camp or first bikes or the many trips to the amusement parks then I will feel satisfied that we enabled plenty of childhood fun.

Our life may be complicated sometimes but it is always full of love and a genuine desire to help our girls be exceptional human beings… not because of wealth, education or careers (although all of these help) but because of the nature of their character. Children that are loved and listened to and made to feel as if they matter for who they are and not for who we want them to be are usually really good for our society because they help others feel loved and heard and valuable.

So here is one more week of exciting fun: final show at gymnastics class at the Little Gym, playtime at home, museum visits, pool time with neighbors, etc. The best part is that summer is just getting started and the list of fun is still growing. I am even starting a board on to keep track of all the fun Pinterest

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