Project 52:22 – emotional

our journey is:


death and loss is part of life
but it is never easy to let go
and it’s not easy to explain
instead we listen and remember

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This post is very emotional so it will be short. We lost our family pet on Memorial day. She was a Shar-Pei / Lab mutt that I found at the Humane Society and was already at least a year old, maybe older, when I adopted her so she was 12 maybe 13 years old. Although apparently healthy something must have been very wrong because she stopped eating and within a few days we had to put her down. I’ll spare you the details. I did not want her to suffer and since she was already past her life expectancy I didn’t want to submit her to painful interventions only to momentarily prolong her life for my benefit.

Her name was Candela which means fire and although she had a lot of spunk she was a gentle sweet friend who was with me through many ups and downs. Those of you who have pets understand the depth of our bond. I could write 10 posts about her impact on our lives but I will not bore you with my sorrow. Instead I want to share all the joy she brought into our lives.

Cande (not Candy) was my friend, companion and confidant. She sat with me through annulment tears and engagement joys; she was a jogging partner to some of my friends and a watchful helper to my husband. She loved going for rides in his big truck and enjoyed bike rides and dog parks. Although she was technically my dog it was my husband and my daughter that enjoyed her and cared for her the most. She played with Gaby and guarded her upon command. She loved being inside and liked having her belly scratched and even the baby liked crawling to her and touching her nose.

Her death provided us an opportunity to speak with our four year old about death. She was sad and seems to still be waiting for her to return from the vet. She has expressed how much she misses Cande. We have done a lot of talking, hugging and a little crying. I saved my big tears for the shower because I don’t want to scare her but I did share how sad it’s made me and how much I wish she was still with us.

She will be deeply missed but we know she’s in a better place. Our daughter reminded us that “All dogs go to heaven” (she’d seen the movie) so we went with that. Hope she’s happy in dog heaven enjoying her T-Bone.

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