Project 52:24 – familiar

our journey is
summers with cousins
playing all day
family visiting and staying connected
making lasting childhood memories

From L to R: Jayla, Marya, (on lap) Anahi, Crysta, and Gaby

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I have so many memories of summers visiting cousins and long weekends playing until we could play no more. My parents are both the youngest of six so I had more cousins than I could count and the time we got to spend with them was magical. Of course some of my cousins were almost as old as my parents (since they were the children of the oldest brothers and sisters in the family) but they had kids that were close to my age so it was exponential.

This week we got to spend some time with family. These are actually the children of my cousins’ children (and our two girls) but who cares… its family! Aunts, uncles, cousins, it’s a familiar scene filled with love. Our immediate family is not as big but our extended family is ever-growing and we are trying hard to stay connected and give our girls summers filled with family and cousin fun.

What summer family memories do you have? Was this a time for reunions and trips or personal enrichment for you? Would love to hear about your memories and those you are trying to create for your children?

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