San Antonio B-Cycle Summer Fun

San Antonio B CycleSan Antonio Bcycle Is your city bike or walking friendly? Can you travel from most major sightseeing spots to the others by bike? In San Antonio you can! All you have to do is come downtown and take advantage of the city’s B Cycle – bike sharing program.

San Antonio Fun

And this isn’t just for tourist…  residents can take advantage of the program too! San Antonio B-Cycle is a bike share program. What’s bike sharing you ask? Simple. It’s magic. A bike that’s available when you need it and gone when you don’t. In San Antonio there are 35 stations in the downtown area. Members can pick-up one of the grey bikes at a station and return it to a station once they are done.  The bikes have baskets to carry your stuff and locks so you can keep tabs on it if you have to leave its side.

The B-Cycle Deal

San Antonio Bcycle stationHere’s the thing… If you work downtown using San Antonio B-Cycle is the ideal way to get around to spots that are a little to far of a walk but annoyingly close to move your car from it’s parked location.  If you live in San Antonio and want to enjoy a little time downtown these are perfect.  If you are a tourist these are perfect.  To celebrate just how cool these are I want to share with you a great deal I stumbled across.  From now until the end of the year (12/31/13) you can save 50%.  Just use code 555 at the Kiosk making your $10 day pass cost only $5.  If you are interested in an annual membership you can SAVE $12 online with promo code bfit.  This offer also expires on 12/31/13.

Also, through July 21st make sure you participate in Le Tour de B-Cycle.  Riders can check-in to each of the 32 northern stations in one day to put your skills to the test. Please see the image below for details or visit their website.

B-Cycle le tour de b-cycle
B-Cycle le tour de b-cycle
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