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I have been blogging for a while. At first it was solitary and more like keeping a journal but then… I met some kindred spirits. I was lucky enough to be added to a group of women (and a few men) that blog in San Antonio. It’s a Facebook group so I had low expectations but I was pleasantly surprised when I found helpful advice and caring friends among a community I hardly knew. I did know a few of the bloggers personally but not all. Since I became a member of this group I have gained knowledge and friends. I think all the members of the group try to share their talents with each other in hopes of helping all of us rise and succeed.

Along these lines three very talented and kind women (who happen to be photographers) came together to gift the rest of us head shots. No strings attached just a kind gift. Misha of Rock Candy Studio had the idea when she noticed that most of us did not have professional images on our blogs. Amanda of ARG Photographs joined and provided the space for all the photographers to upload the images and share them with the rest of us to download for our use. Megan of Mean Baby also joined in and between the three of them they managed to shoot everyone there in about an hour.

We met at Bakery Lorraine so while some got pictures taken the rest of us talked and enjoyed a little coffee and pastries while we waited our turn. Some of us took our littles with us and of course since the photographers are mommies they made sure to get a shot or two of our kiddos too. The bakery location is small and comfortable. Set in a grey home with a bright yellow door on Grayson street on the opposite side of Broadway as the Pearl it was a perfect place for friends to share conversation and coffee while providing an ideal backdrop for those photos. Gaby and I sampled an almond croissant and a cranberry scone. She started to eat the icing before I could take a picture… it was a pretty swirl before she started to enjoy it.

When it was my turn Megan Ortiz AKA MEAN BABY took my photos. She worked around the other photographers, bloggers and kids and managed to get some very flattering images of me and my Gaby. While I am usually very uncomfortable in front of the camera she made me feel at ease. I reminded myself that part of parenting is being IN the picture! Here are some of the images she captured.


And my favorite picture…

Small kind acts can make a big difference to someone and this one made a huge difference to me. Thanks to the three amazing women who gave of their time and talent to brighten our days and our social media presence.

Misha will be leaving San Antonio heading back to Orange County and she will be deeply missed but we all hope she will remain a member of our little group so despite the physical distance we can stay connected.

If you are in the San Antonio area (or Orange County) please consider these gals for any of your photography needs.

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