Sick Days and Fun Activities for Kids

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If you have children in elementary school sick days are unavoidable and while being stocked and ready with all the essentials helps; if you’re caught in the middle of cold and flu season I hope some of these fun ideas for activities will help you survive it.

Of course it’s a good idea to make sure your survival supply is fully stocked. Double check that your thermometer is working; stock-up on tissues, cough drops, and extra hand sanitizer; get the humidifier ready. Also, since one of the most effective ways to keep cold viruses from spreading is frequent hand washing with soap and water make it a point to buy your favorite scents.

This is the season I allow myself to splurge on our favorite products to make the hand washing more enjoyable for each of us. Be it Frozen themed hand soaps for my girls or Mrs. Meyers Geranium or Lemon Verbena for me the right soaps make us more likely to wash as often as we should.

PediaCare_CoughandRunnyNoseEven with all your precautions, sometimes a runny nose, a little cough or a light fever is unavoidable. When your little one starts showing signs of illness, you can choose from PediaCare® specialized medicines for kids.

PediaCare® products can be found at a Dollar General near you and here is a $1 Off Coupon for your use as well as a quick link to their dosage chart for your reference which helps you match your child’s symptoms with the right products. When using the chart, it’s best to weigh your child first to determine proper dosing of PediaCare® products. If weight is not known, use age. For more information on PediaCare products visit the PediaCare Website or PediaCare Facebook page.

7 Sick Day Activities for Kids

So if you find yourself at home with a sick child during cold and flu season and you’re done with movies or digital games here’s a fun list of activities you can do with them.

  1. Read: Our girls love snuggling up in bed with us when they’re sick and having us read to them. Of course if they want to read to us then it’s a learning bonus but when they are under the weather having us present and hearing our voice is a very soothing thing for them. Pick a few favorites and have fun.
  2. Color: We always keep extra coloring books at home but sometimes little sister finds her way into our stash and scribbles all over them. If you don’t have any you can always go online and download a few coloring pages.   We like and
  3. Tell silly stories: Make up a story and share the first few lines then ask your child to come up with the next two or three sentences and then toss it back to you. Switch back and forth and see just how silly you can get.
  4. Cookie Sheet Fun: The most versatile toy in our home, the humble cookie sheet can be a magnet playground, an erasable writing/drawing page (just use a little salt or sugar and your finger to write in it), or their “table” to roll out play dough. Never under-estimate that thin piece of metal.
  5. Record them or let them record you: We love the OneDay App and recording beautiful home movies with it couldn’t be easier. Of course you can also record audio only. Play “interview” and put those smart phones to use capturing your little one’s voice.
  6. Make Puppets: hand, finger or stick puppets pick one or all and if they are feeling well enough let them help you create them. If not, then just put some together for them and let them tell you stories or make up plays for them. Find lots of inspiration on Pinterest whether paper, felt, pipe cleaner… if you can image it you can make it.
  7. Teach your kids to make shadow puppets: Visit one of the many tutorials on YouTube to teach yourself the shadow puppet basics then grab a lamp or a flash light and share the fun with your child.

While I hope you don’t find yourself caught in the illness cycle that often comes with winter if you do these tips might make things a little easier.  Activate your imagination and give your kids a bit of your time.

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