Summer S’mores and Family Traditions #VeranoHersheys

Hershey’s sent me this awesome S’mores Kit to review and is providing another for me to giveaway on this blog.

S'mores-Verano Hersheys

S’mores and a Verano Hershey

Summer is not quite over yet but school’s already started and it felt like a summer celebration was in-order to cap off our first day of first grade.  (Of course everything is better with friends so you’ll have two chances to win your own Hershey’s S’mores kit also.) What better way to celebrate our verano than to treat ourselves to some yummy Hershey’s S’mores.

That said it was 100 plus degrees outside and even at 7 p.m. the heat was sweltering.  Thankfully this cute little grill / oven basket made the process super simple.  Oh and I didn’t turn on my oven… I mean, really, would you want to turn your oven on when it’s scorching outside?

This contraption fit PERFECTLY in our toaster oven!  That’s right, our toaster oven.  Couldn’t be simpler.  Just assemble per the instructions, pre-heat your oven for 5 minutes, pop-in your S’mores basket for 3-5 minutes, and DING!  You’re done.  The hardest part is waiting for them to cool off a little before bitting in so you don’t burn your mouth… just ask my 3 year old.


S’mores are not part of our family traditions.  It’s not something we did when I was growing up although I always thought if I had become a girl scout I might have experienced the phenomenon of S’mores but alas that was not the case for me.  This is a new tradition we are starting for our girls and I will be trying other ways to kick these up for adult summer fun like this tempting Strawberries and Red Wine version by Your Sassy Self.

Here’s the play-by-play

We placed the ingredients in the basket… graham crackers first, chocolate (we may have used too much) two squares of Hershey’s would probably suffice, marshmallow, and the final graham cracker.

S'mores-Verano Hersheys

I had help from my 3 and 6 year olds and really it was a fun activity. It’s a perfect way to get your kiddos involved in the kitchen.  You may want to ration the chocolate though because mine were ready to eat a whole Hershey’s bar AND also have their S’mores.

Note: You close the basket with the solid black part on the top but put it in the oven with the solid black part down.  Also, since my little one wanted to put it in the oven for me I let her put it in without having preheated the oven so it would be safe for her to do so.  I then took it out, preheated the oven and then popped them back in.  I almost think that in a toaster oven you may not need to even preheat.  I’ll be testing this theory and will update the post if appropriate.


Waiting can seem like cruel and unusual punishment. Good thing it was just for three minutes.  Well, and then a few more because if you don’t let them cool a little it’s a painful experience.  That’s melted hot marshmallow sticking to her face and fingers in the picture below. Yikes… I must be mom of the year.  At least it only caused discomfort and not real harm. VeranoHersheys-smores

Once we got past the pain of hot marshmallow the girls devoured their S’more.  We can’t wait to try variations on these and are really looking forward to ending every first day of school with delicious Hershey’s S’mores.  We’ll hold on to our #VeranoHershey as long as we can and will be putting these to use with our friends and family over Labor Day weekend.

So now it’s your turn.  Here’s your chance to win your very own kit.  First click on over to VeranoHershey’s and enter to win on that site.  There are daily instant winners selected here through September 6, 2014.  You can try every day so you have multiple chances.  This site also contains buenas ideas (good ideas) on variations for you to try.

For your second chance to win you can enter through my simple Rafflecopter below.  Make sure to leave me a blog post comment (it’s the first mandatory entry).  #veranohersheys-done

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