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Children should travel the world whether they do so in actuality or through books, videos, stories, online materials, etc.  We firmly believe that the education gained from travel is incomparable which is why we not only travel with our girls but encourage all parents to do that same with their kids. No matter if they […]

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So many causes so little time. We can make a difference in our communities with minimal effort and resources but we have to act. Inspired by Starbucks’ highlight of Take Part – 30 ways in 30 days I’m sharing with you 10 ways you can make a difference. Adapting the topics to the focus of this […]

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Storytelling is an art. I grew up around grandparents who were artists. They told their stories and painted pictures for me that I wish I could share with the same enthusiasm and impact with my children. There is just something about understanding history in context that makes it come alive for me. In museums my […]

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Have you ever noticed that we put more work into learning to drive than we do into learning to be good parents? Most of us take the job seriously but don’t really seek out any kind of training (other than the school of hard knocks). But why? Why would we not want to learn as […]