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Travel with kids

A few days ago I was perusing Pinterest while putting the baby to sleep and I came across this image which got me thinking about our upcoming vacation to Cancun with our parents.  Thank you mom and dad for letting us come along. It will be three-generations of fun travel!

Although we’re experienced travelers with and without kids we always examine our travel routines for ways to improve them or search for other’s tips to see if we can learn something new.  In the spirit of pre-trip planning check-out my other Pinterest inspired tips and thoughts.

Are you flying with littles?  If so, and your child is between one and five, you NEED to use this.  TRUST us!

When traveling internationally (even to foreign countries we are familiar with in terms of culture and language) we ALWAYS revisit this list to ensure we’re prepared for the unexpected.

These are great for all types of travel but you’ll especially want one (or a few) of if you’re headed to a beach or pool.  This idea is also super cool for beach days!

For the car or for the plane we keep these packs in our carry-ons and/ or diaper bag.

We want the travel experience to be impactful for our children so we try to incorporate ways to stimulate all their senses purposefully. Visit Defining Delicious for my thoughts on how to do this with food (I wrote a guest blog post for her) and read this post for more perspective on the same topic.  

If you have a smart phone you may want to make sure you’ve also downloaded these apps for you and some of these for the kiddos before your trip.

Vacation pictures… DSLR, iPhone, point & shoot? I’m with @makermama on this one… iPhone is my favorite.  It’s hard enough to pick your camera but then how do you get the best images of those amazing moments.  See Lauren’s post for great tips.

I plan to run (probably walk) this race right after we get back from our trip so I need to remember to run at least 3 times while we are there.   Is running on the beach hard?

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