Welcome home little one

There is nothing sweeter than tiny ears and a tiny nose, tiny fingers and tiny toes… Today our baby is 12 days old.  She has spent almost every moment since birth in my arms: feeding, sleeping… being.  

Her new baby smell and tiny features are achingly beautiful to me because I see not just her beauty but the moments I was too overwhelmed to absorb with our first.  Truth be told I’m just as tired & overwhelmed as before if not more (juggling two seems harder even with my husband’s help) but I now know just how quickly time passes and I’m determined to absorb, enjoy & etch it in my memory.  The sleepless nights will pass and before I know it we will be chasing a toddler and then a preschooler and then…  well I better enjoy this time along with all her tiny bits.

Welcome home little one.

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