Wishing I Was You – the reality of Social Media

Wishing I was youI love social media. I feel connected and have been lucky to transfer some of those amazing social media people into real friends. Twitter and Facebook offer me ways to sound off or reconnect and I use the many blogs and shared stories as a library of sorts to learn new things. But… as much as I love it sometimes it’s my Achilles heal. Sometimes… when I’m using Instagram or Pinterest late at night I see myself in an alternate universe where I can sew beautiful creations for my girls and me. I can knit & crotchet. I can sing and paint and run marathons and cook amazing meals without recipes in no time flat.

In that universe I’m a kick-ass photographer and an amazing mom who manages to work full-time at my own business AND still travel the world with my family. In my dream world my girls speak perfect Spanish and they share my interests.

Queue the sound of reality crashing through my window…

While viewing the amazing images, skills, and family life of others I start to feel less. It scares me to say this in print but it’s truly how I feel.  I start to feel small and not really envious but maybe slightly resentful. I feel this way sometimes for minutes but sometimes for days until I “look up” from my device and see that I have more than can be reflected in a social media stream. I’m just me and happy to be.

In this real world I am far from Pinterest Perfect but I try to learn and improve everyday. I’m a good cook but I lack speed and have to use recipes or directions of some sort (usually from my mom). I run sporadically and with no interest to increase distance. I am a writer, a translator of language and culture but not a professional photographer. I work hard at gifting my girls with a (my) second language but it’s work and the fact that I am fluent does not guarantee my girls will absorb the language if I don’t make a conscious strong effort. I work full-time outside the home and no longer have the time or resources to travel as much as I’d like. I don’t sew, knit, or crotchet but I ride my bike with my family and play on the swings and eventually I hope to learn how to do at least one of those three.

If, I’m being honest, while some days prove more successful than others, each one is fulfilling in some way. Every single day is a blessing and I’m oh so grateful for them even if sometimes I have to remind myself to measure my worth by my actions and heart and not by Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, & Blogs.

I offer you this…

On days when you’re tempted to measure your life and your worth by the standards (or perceived skills) of others remember that not everything you see is real. Let me say this again. NOT. EVERYTHING. YOU. SEE. IS. REAL. Or at least maybe not the way you think it is. Social media is great with highlights but there’s a lot behind the scenes we don’t see.

Know your worth and marvel in your blessings. Despite what you think is the perfect amazing enviable life of others things are not always what they seem. What’s more, even if they are close to perfect understand that it may be a perfect moment but not a perfect life. That doesn’t exist. When you start to feel the monster of self-doubt creep up on you (as it often does on me) realize that someone out there wishes they were you.  I know sometimes I do. 🙂

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